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Nike Stadium @ Firmament
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Finding the right space for the new Firmament seemed to be a rather large challenge at the early stages of the relocation process. The main concern was to find a suitable alternative that would be similar in the design concept and that would also offer enough privacy as Schröderstraße. As so often the case, it was through a number of lucky coincidences and with help from friends that Firmament was able to move into L-40.

The building that is our new home now was a collaborative project between renowned architect Roger Bundschuh and artist Cosima von Benin. As much as the construction is defined by its shell - black concrete - the main focus lies on the floorplans and design of the interiors. Extended wall-spaces as well as the oversized windows and sky-lights support the idea of this structure to house art collections - private and public.

The interior - which we worked on with ErenlerBauer and Dirk Bonn - is a counterbalance to the sleek black exterior of L-40: a wood-paneled front room serves as the entrance to the shop; it offers space for showcases and special displays. The second room was designed with a focus on clean lines and organized product presentation. It is also the home of our Bucida Buceras tree and a fully equipped sports locker - our changing room - currently reserved for Cristiano Ronaldo and Franck Ribéry.

At the opening night on May 12th we launched the Nike Stadium @ Firmament project with the installation "Dress of a Nation" by internationally known producers Apparat + Phon.o in collaboration with Pfadfinderei.

Thanks to everyone for their support!

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