A Beinghunted Interview with Eric Elms / Adorn.

When we first met Eric Elms in New York in 2003 he looked as if hadn't slept for days. He had his bags packed
for a trip home to LA and a fresh-out-of-the-laser-printer portfolio to show to us. Looking at pages after pages
of graphics for companies such as Supreme, SSUR, PriceLe$$, and his own project Adorn, the absence of sleep
from his daily routine became more than apparent.

Only 25, Eric has already created an impressive body of work that would take others 15+ years. Eric has
worked for industry giants such as Nike and Panasonic, designed a series of covers for leading Japanese style
magazine HUGE, and was part of the legendary SK8 on the Wall exhibtion at Rocket gallery in Tokyo.

More than enough reasons to finally get together and 'talk'...

Eric just put the finishing touches to his online-portfolio and took some time off for an interview with us.
Three years - and many designs and projects later - here it is, our Beinghunted Interview with Eric Elms.

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