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Tokyo, Japan    
Comparing the past fall/winter collection by Visvim with the upcoming spring/summer one, it seems as if the company has made quite a transition. The first items which are just starting to be released at F.I.L. stores in Japan and Hong Kong are not just 'new' in the sense that Visvim is introducing new materials or colors, they reflect a new approach towards design, production, and use altogether.

Rethinking the concept of footwear, Visvim has launched a new, a superior line which they like to call "Folk". Models such as the Lhamo FBT shown above feature organically tanned leathers which provide for a natural climate inside the shoe as the the material is extremely moisture absorbent. The shoes can be worn without socks and without the usual unpleasant olfactory side-effects.

Besides the leather, the Lhamo also features a completely re-worked slimmer outsole, small and intricate bead details on the forefoot and - a true highlight - a newly designed premium box. The latter might be a detail some like to neglect, however, it is worth just taking a look and comparing it with other footwear packaging. It really does make a difference getting something this well boxed...
  The Lhamo FBT is the only model we could see so far but as a key-item in the collection it is more than obvious that this new path that Visvim has taken with its Folk line is one that leads upwards. It is surprising to see how this company, already exceeding expectations, manages to even raise the bar in regards to design and production when they have already pushed it quite high in the past.

The Visvim Folk line is one of the most interesting projects in footwear and another milestone. Unfortunately, however, this new line is only available at F.I.L. stores in Japan and Hong Kong at this point.

Folk series: Bear Foot, Lhamo, Hockney, Foley, Virgil Plain Toe.

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