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Nike Sportswear + Wood Wood
LunarWood TZ
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Mid-December sees the launch of the Nike LunarWood created by the fine folks at Wood Wood and Nike Sportswear Design. For this occasion we have set up a small feature: in part one we will simply let the product do the talking. In part two we will have a quick Q & A with Wood Wood as well as some great images to illustrate the story and ideas that brought to live this new hybrid of the classic ACG Wildwood updated with a Lunar sole. As an introduction here is a short statement from the guys at Wood Wood about the LunarWood TZ:

"Whereas the original Wildwood was designed mostly for the purpose of running in nature, this project is all about the city. Since we rarely go hiking in the mountains, we wanted to bring the shoe into an urban environment.

The LunarWood is made for the cold and wet Scandinavian nights. Inspiration comes from the world of Graffiti and going on these nocturnal expeditions. All Conditions / All City."

-- Wood Wood

Beinghunted Feature:

PART I LunarWood TZ - The Shoe
PART II Q & A with Brian SS Jensen / Wood Wood
  Scandinavian Nights... by Thomas Skou
Please also visit: Wood Wood
  Thomas Skou
  Nike Sportswear

The Nike LunarWood TZ will be launched on December 11th at Wood Wood stores in Cophenhagen, Berlin, and Vienna and on December 19th at other global accounts.
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