Overview 2006.
BEINGHUNTED.gallery - FUTURA   Beinghunted Gallery - Futura
This painting by Futura from 1998 consist of six individual canvasses, each measuring approximately 36 inches. Enjoy this vintage piece of original artwork and if you are interested, please send your serious offer. Feel free to contact us should you have further questions.

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Berlin Tokyo Hong Kong   At Broad Nightlight
Is it dark at night? In the urban areas - never. Our new feature "At Broad Nightlight" documents the illumination of three major captials on our planet - Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong. Henrik Kürschner took his camera with him on his nightly ventures to capture the lights at, in, and around famous landmarks, from rooftops, from apartments, or in the streets.

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Stüssy & Nike // World Tour 2006   Stüssy & Nike
Besides working with over 40 artists and designers to remix their iconic World Tour T-shirt, Stüssy has also created designs for three sneakers, one of them a brand new model alltogether, that are part of this immense project.
Paul Mittleman gave us some insight into the project and his thoughts on aspects of the sneaker business in general.

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Ben Drury - Trust Me London   Ben Drury - Trust Me London
Beneath hosted the launch of the Nike "Air You Breathe" collection at their store in Stockholm. As the highlight Ben Drury - one of the contributing designers - was invited to exhibit a selection of his current works, the theme of which he had transferred onto the Air Max sneaker and clothing for Nike.

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Supreme / Ari Marcopoulos   Supreme
Supreme's fall/winter collection features a selection of items with legendary photographer Ari Macropoulos' imagery. The images depicting scenes from 1990s NYC city/street life were turned into a pattern print to be used on sweatshirts, caps, and two new Vans skateshoes.

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The Hideout - Nike Air Woven Footscape   The Hideout - Nike Air Woven Footscape
It is seldom these days that one wears a pair of sneakers for more than a few days... We all own more than we could wear out in a lifetime plus there are new colors and styles coming out almost on a daily basis.
I never thought I would need double pairs of one edition again - until these two came along.

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  Edison Chen
Edison Chen took some time off from his busy schedule to tell us about his personal and professional background, his involvement with CLOT, and his blogging experiences on Japanese style website Honeyee.com.

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  James Jarvis
In this interview we asked James about his background as an artist, his opinion on the ever-lasting debate about art and commerce, as well as his project for Stüssy UK & Nike - the toy version of Stüssy London's store manager Leon who is responsible for the Stüssy Nike Court Force Low colorways.

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A shoe that talks to an iPod? A power song to boost motivation? Running with or against friends who aren't even on the same continent? Nike invited us to New York to tell us all about their latest project. Highlights: the new Nike Air Zoom Moire, and, of course, the conversation with Mark Parker.

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  Eric Elms / Adorn
Eric just put the finishing touches to his online-portfolio and took some time off for an interview with us. Three years after we first met him in NYC - and many designs and projects later - here it is, our Beinghunted Interview with Eric Elms.

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  Nike - Joga Bonito
Early April, Nike invited a group of international journalists as well as friends and family to Milan for the launch of Joga Bonito - From Street to Stadium.
Following up on their succesful series of events in Berlin, Nike put together a new exhibition showcasing the fusion of art and design with athleticism and performance.

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  The latest publication by AKA in co-op with Alife
Consider the new AKA/Alife book on KR a salute to one artist among a canon of street legends employing a variety of mediums to advance style, set new standards, challenge the fake shit, and show what it means to be

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  Stüssy World Tour T-shirt
The fall of 1989 was remembered for the first release of the Stussy World Tour t-shirt. Shawn Stussy created what would become an enduring concept in graphic t-shirt designs. This year, Stussy has reinvented this classic and iconic T-Shirt with the World Tour Project.

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  Supreme + Nike
Supreme have, once again, taken a Nike model - the blazer - and pushed the limits. In the spirit of the 1980's retro bling (think flashy Gucci, MCM, Cazal) you'll find a quilted leather upper combined with snakeskin and gold details. The new Supreme Nike Blazers, and the accompanying apparel, are the must-have pieces for the spring!

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  adicolor: A Pure White Ground
Two weeks ago, adidas placed a number of white billboards across Berlin for their adicolor project. What is it about? Why white? Why leave so much white space in a city where every square centimeter is bombed/tagged? Let's see what happens to these canvasses (?) during the next few weeks...

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  Wilfrid Wood: Sculptor
Calling Wilfrid's pieces toys wouldn't do them justice. He is a sculptor and his figures are more like 3D carricatures or portraits. All of his characters have this amusing, refreshing attitude about them that makes them so appealing. He is taking more than a few steps away from the usual clinically-cool/nutral figures...

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  Nike - 3 Decades of Cushioning
Nike introduced 'Air' almost three decades ago. Joining in with previous design classics such as the Air Max 1, Air Max 95 and 97 is the newly launched Air Max 360. Take a look at Nike's Powerwall and download the 'Air Wallpaper'.

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  Nick Walker & Kangol
Find out how Nick Walker transferred his stencils onto a new line of hats by Kangol. We met up with him to talk about the process, he gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how he works and he also supplied us with production shots.

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