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Firmament x Boy's Own Ed.01 / Dave Little  
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Dave Little created some of the most era defining flyer, record sleeve, and poster designs of the late 80s and early 90s. From the flyer for seminal acid house night ‘Spectrum’ to Bomb The Bass’ debut ‘Into The Dragon’ – Dave’s trademark style was easy to spot. His career spanned from record sleeve designs, to large projects for Vodafone and Festivals all over the world.

We caught up with Dave to talk about his famous Boy’s Own designs, as part of the collaboration with Firmament:

Internet & Communications
BGHD: When did you start using the internet and what role does this form of communication play for you today?
Dave: I started around the same time as everybody else but I was still using an ISDN line to send large files of A/W. Today I can send a zip file of A/W anywhere in the world in seconds! 9 yrs ago I was sending Zip Discs to clients & DVD burners were very expensive.... look how far we've come today! The internet for me is first an instant communication tool & to show my work for anybody who's interested but you can't beat meeting/talking to a human in person.

What do you like and dislike about modern forms of communication ?
I ride motorbikes everywhere so a cell-phone to me is a glorified answer machine! With a built in 'navigator' I can find places quickly but I must slow down on my bike as the voice directions are too slow! I use MySpace occasionally but Facebook is for swapping party photos & a graveyard for party invites! Good (or bad) for locating old friends I guess...

How did you acquire your skills as a graphic designer?

I drew a suspension bridge when I was 4 years old then I knew very early on that this drawing & designing lark is for me. I went straight to Art School when I was 16 - I never even considered any other option.

What work did you first get paid for?

My first job was for "Pens Illustration" agency in Soho Square & I created the marker visuals for Breakfast TV on Channel 4 - within weeks despite earning £18 an hour (a lot of dough in '86), I knew this wasn't for me. There were marvelous artists who'd done the same thing at the same desk for 20 years - I had to do my own thing...

    CWO - Illustration, 1988
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