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Firmament x Boy's Own Ed.01 / Dave Little  
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Boy's Own
The designs we are seeing now on the T-shirts you've done quite some time ago. What do you feel when you see these now?
A mixture of youthful 'rose tinted' glow and sad at a fading youth, plus a world that was a lot simpler and innocent....

Why do you think do these still work so well?
Because even then I NEVER followed the 'new' or 'in' thing. Looking back, so much design has dated from that period. I always had much respect for design and illustration history, which I always gave a nod to in my work over the years. I guess good work weathers the passing of time and becomes classic.

What was the inspiration for the use of the two characters from Little Rascals?
The idea was by my friend Gary Haisman of DMOB, who had the No.1 hit "They call it ACEEEED!". It was his idea to put the boy & dog in the letters 'O'..and to give it an old Skool feeling. The dog was my Pit Bull called Alice, which was given to me by Terry Ankins who was one of the first Pit breeders & dog fighters in the UK. The bitches were put down so he gave me it and I nursed her from 6 weeks old. The 'Boy' is a mixture of me, and a MAD comic character - lot’s of people claim it’s them or their dog, but sorry folks that’s the truth.

And the A Clockwork Orange?
I can’t remember, but I know a few ideas flew around before I drew it.

Looking back now, what effect did your work have on the scene or within the music/party realm?
It gave an underground focus and feeling of we’re all together....all these years later look what's left - the odd very rare classic tune you would still listen to and the graphics - like a latter day Sex Pistols and punk rock I guess.
    Boy's Own - Firmament T-shirt, 2009 (original illustration: 1988)
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