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C.P. Company / Aitor Throup
1000m Goggle Jacket / Past and Future
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  Aitor Throup has designed the 20th Anniversary Edition of C.P. Company's most iconic piece - the Goggle Jacket. To celebrate both the past and future of this jacket the company is hosting a special exhibition at their showroom in Milan during the 2009 International Furniture Fair. The exhibition, which has been curated by Aitor Throup, features the new design as well as 20 Goggle jackets selected from the C.P. Company archive.

From the very first jacket made for the sponsoring of the Mille Miglia car race to the special edition created in collaboration with Aitor Throup to celebrate its twenty years, C.P. Company’s journey is told through the different steps of its iconic item which, season after season, has been subject to continuous transformations and experimentations. A story of materials, special treatments and shape research.

On the following pages we will provide you with a tour through this exhibition as well as show you some of Aitor's concept sketches for this project. If you are fortunate to be in Milan during the next few days, the show is running from April 22nd until the 27th so you can see the installation in real life at Via Savona 54.

As an added highlight, C.P. Company has invited Fiat to preview its brand new convertible - the 500C - during the exhibition. Visitors are given the opportunity to field test the 1000m Goggle Jacket in a real-life situation.


PAST 20 Goggle Jackets
FUTURE 1000m Goggle Jacket by Aitor Throup
EXPERIENCE Trying, Analyzing, Touching

1000m Google Jacket by Aitor Throup, Concept Sketches    
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