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C.P. Company / Aitor Throup
1000m Goggle Jacket / Past and Future
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1000m Goggle Jacket, an innovative special edition re-design by Aitor Throup, young creative talent praised worldwide, to celebrate the Goggle Jacket's twentieth year.

Aitor Throup has analysed all the original elements of the first Goggle Jacket and has looked deep into the aspects of postural anatomy. Going beyond the aesthetical functional approach, he has created a garment even more focused on the concept of driving.

Four big wooden boxes expose four sculptures simulating the movements of the human body from the standard standing position to the more complex driving position, and they show the deep survey of details built to guarantee ergonomics and functionality study to favour drivers’ gestures.

1000m Google Jacket

Aitor Throup on the 1000m Goggle Jacket:

"I have taken a literal approach to driving ergonomics and functionality, with the aim of creating a piece which is even further informed by its driving concept than the original.

The overall structure and balance of the piece has been constructed around a human form in a driving position (the arms are forward and slightly bent, and there is excess volume built
into the back) in order to maximise driving comfort. There is a completely unique feature that allows the volume of the lower part of the jacket to morph from a standard ‘standing’ position, into a more complex ‘driving’ position, eliminating awkward fabric build up when sitting, and creating a waterproof cover for the legs.

The hood has been completely reconstructed, which not only results in an anatomically accurate fit, but also is able to fit over a traditional driving helmet when the draw cords are relaxed. The goggles section has benefited from a more ergonomic construction, including a deeper nose ridge and a closer fitting shape; and the goggles themselves have become circular, mirroring the watch viewer, and creating an aesthetic which is reminiscent of the one of its racing origins.

The placement of the watch window itself has been considered, and the driver can now easily glance at his watch through his sleeve whilst driving. The watch viewer also interacts seamlessly with the detachable padded lining and with the accompanying gloves, which not only offer further protection against the cold and wet conditions when needed, but also provide helpful steering wheel grip.

A detachable driving pouch is included, which can also act as a protective case for gadgets such as cameras, and can be easily accessed when driving.

The fabric use also manages to encapsulate the integrity and authenticity of the concept, allowing the wearer to remain warm and dry throughout the multiple conditions encountered during the race, considering that the majority of cars were cabriolets. The material itself is a 3-layers GORE-TEX® Performance shell fabric with a waterproof membrane, and every seam is finished with GORE-SEAM® waterproof thermo-taping.

Most interestingly however, is the appearance we have managed to give this material, by means of a natural pigment garment dyeing process called ‘Tinto Terra’, which quite literally utilises natural pigments extracted from soil and earth, which embeds the garment with the rich visual identity of C.P. Company."
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