Do you remember how you found Beinghunted?

I found out about Beinghunted a LONG LONG time ago. I am a Nike head and I am pretty sure this is the reason I went there in the first place. Soon after many magazines around the world INCLUDING Hong Kong had reviewed the website and I think it is amazing. To be honest it was so long ago I cannot remember what the first post I read bout but I guarantee u it was quality cuz if not I would not be a repeat visitor, I am picky with websites.

Beinghunted started as a site to find things, to read about products, projects, the people involved. What were you looking for and what did you find? Anything you still have not found?

I was just looking for what was going on the STREET SUB CULTURE world. They not only had sneakers but brand reviews, art exhibit overviews and some very in depth interviews with some very interesting people. Beinghunted is also a good site cuz it doesn't just review the mass or the POP side of the culture, it goes deep and reports on whut is really happening on the streets. I have found so many things on Beinghunted that I can go on for days about whut I was looking for and whut I found. But I do think there are two big things missing, HF and CLOT... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... maybe this is just some personal preferences.

The internet has grown rapidly over the past years and so has the information flow. How easy is it to find information?

I think it is way too easy nowadays. I can get up to the second

sport updates, I can check for new products on sites like Beinghunted or, and I can buy stuff online, and I canget weather updates, and I can find out about people on their blogs, umm see new movie trailers, go to YOUTUBE and find stuff and programming from around the world, shit I can keep going and write pages but basically u get the idea. Soon I think the internet will be integrated into every aspect of our daily lives.

I am an avid user of the American iTunes Music Store and I can get new releases the same day as it is put out in America and not wait for local CD stores to stock up on the stuff I like and ummm in Hong Kong the CD stores suck so this helps me out so much.

You have been added to the Honeyee blog some time ago. While in the past, people kept their diaries private, why is it that people nowadays do the complete opposite?

I use the blog to keep people up-to-date on whut is happening in my life. In Hong Kong paparazzi culture is so huge that they get to write absurd stories of my life since I am a rapper and actor. They choose to target me and say a lot of bullshit and this is my way of expressing myself... I don't put everything in there though to be honest...

I mean I have a private life and I keep most of the stuff that stays inside my house in my house... hahahahaha...

But also I believe this is a great marketing tool to promote not only products but lifestyles and new ideas and I think it is great. But in the beginning, I am honestly speaking, I hated BLOGS but HF asked me to join his website and I gladfully accepted, how can u say no to HIROSHI FUJIWARA u guys know what I mean???
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