Do you get the feeling that you would 'need' to post something if you haven't done so in a while ?

Yes I do cuz I feel I have a obligation to the website to keep their fans coming and checking up and I think a lot of people, even my friends, tell me, "yo bro u ain't updated in so long man, do it...". And to be honest I have homies in America who follow like they do with Beinghunted so it gives me a opportunity to fill in the people I love and care for but I cannot talk to everyday... But I definitely would not break my back to do the blog.

I have a hectic schedule sometimes like right now. I had my two year anniversary party, released my NIKE AIR MAX ONE CLOT KISS OF DEATHs and then I am 'bout to drop the LEVI's CLOT UNIONRAIL 501's. I dropped my mixtape this week, I am prepping for my mandarin album and I just finished filming my first Hollywood movie. So I gots to be honest and say that those are much more important to me.

Blogs, MySpace, eMails, News Websites... in order to follow all these new channels we would need an extra day or two per week. What other activities do you think do people (or you yourselves) quit in order to spend all this time?

To be honest I dun use Myspace or Friendster so it doesn't eat out of my time. I do use the blog on but this is just something that takes 15 mins of my time on the days I do update. So maybe I spend less time ummm smoking... hahahahahahaha...

Personal Background

Home is where the heart is. Where is your home- what do you like best about it?

Home is Hong Kong to me now. It used to be Vancouver but now it has changed. I am so embedded in the Hong Kong street culture I feel strange being out of Hong Kong for too long...

I am in the process of moving house so I am pumped up, I used to live with half my CLOT family so at times it felt like we were all working 24 hours a day, so the change was needed.

My new home is going to have a huge garden with a BBQ and a crazy view of Hong Kong so I am chilled. Hong Kong is so convenient that at times u wish u could spend more time doing things, but in general I would put Hong Kong as one of the best places in the world, next to Tokyo and New York.

Hong Kong is constantly changing and I am trying to change it in a better way, a way more representative of the youth, the streets, and I see it changing a little now and we at CLOT have helped push this, in a city where almost everything is not original and not localized we did the exact flip opposite and we have been garnering much interest due to our hard work the past two years.
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