CLOT / Juice

A simple question for me to ask - hopefully a bit more difficult for you to answer: what is CLOT? Please give us a brief description of the name and the inspiration for it.

CLOT is a lifestyle company that specializes in almost everything involved in youth culture. We do fashion, we do music, we do consulting, we do events. We design as well, by the way. CLOT means exactly whut it says. All these new ideas and trendsetters gather in one area and get clotted up, this so called area is named CLOT Inc. We gather the world's talent from HF, to Stash, to Madsaki and we deliver them thru our platforms to bring our style and flavor to the world. Clot is China's first ever dedicated STREET TEAM.

We use non-conventional methods of promotion and fresh new thinking to promote our products and doings. CLOT was inspired by the fact that the original team already is a gathering of very different and unique individuals. CLOT is good because we are a start-up company consisting of three very strange individuals, each with a certain style of thinking, very strong in our beliefs but also at the same time we respect each other's style and we also are a very good mixture of people as we have people from Greece, Hong Kong, Canada, America, and Japan working for us. We already have a great international feel inside the company itself...

What was your motivation to start this company/brand?

When I read a book called THE TIPPING POINT written by Malcolm Gladwell, I realized I had the power to be the first
match to light the huge fire. In Hong Kong and China, no one is a big supporter of street or sub culture. No big companies were attaching themselves fully to the culture but briefly touching it using the clothing or the music to promote their companies. We were the final push but the introduction as well. We had decided to be the front runners of putting sub culture to the masses and we were attempting to do so in every possible way. Doing art shows, bringing in international DJs, collaborating with the most celebrated of street fashion companies, and also doing magazine layouts to further push our ideas and style to the locals. THE TIPPING POINT had shown me how trends and ideas are a cascade of events, and the people who catch the wave of dominos early before the domino effect has begun is the main benefactor. We believe we at CLOT were the first domino to fall in the domino effect we have created which also was the birth of a real identity for Chinese people in the street culture scene.

... and how was CLOT going to be different from other such companies?

First off CLOT will be different because we have such a international background. We have different cultured people in the company already to let us have a wider sense of knowledge and acceptance of new ideas. Secondly CLOT is deeply rooted in the heart of the world's biggest emerging market, China. With this in hand we already have a very distinct difference from all other street brands as all originate from a location away from CHINA. We are the first to do so in our region so we promise to bring a lot of the energy and excitement and not to mention our Chinese heritage to our works.
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