Personal Background

Briefly describe your educational background and the profession that you've taken up/following at the moment?

I am the president of CLOT Inc. and I am a rapper and an actor as well. I consult for Pepsi, Levi's and Nike, and ummmm I own a pizza joint in Hong Kong called "NY PIZZA" that sells ummm NY style pizza... hahahahahahaha... And ummm I am 'bout to open my record company called CMD, CLOT MUSIC DIVISION and it is going to rock. The first mixtape has just been released and has some English songs and got a collabo wit my main man LUPE FIASCO from Chicago. I consider him FAM as well... shout-outs to RIGHTEOUS KUNG FU, Lupe's new label!

All of us - probably - had one or two other concepts, alternate routes in regards to our professional lives. What are/were yours and do you sometimes think - would it have been better to do the other thing?

I never had any idea where I was heading in life, so I am where I wanna be and I dun wanna or need to change anything...

Do you remember your first paid jobs - as in 'real job' - not some paper-boy type activity? What did you do with your first earned money

My first paid job was working at a store called IMPERIAL HOBBIES. I used to love sports cards and comics and I had not much money so I worked for the store that I always bought stuff from and I continued my collection or my hobby from this.... this is the realness...
My second job was at Champs Ssports and I was working the back with the sneakers. This was real weird for me cuz I hated it because I had to look at all these sneakers but I could never get them. But now WE are designing them and sometimes I pinch myself too see if I am dreaming or not.

Then one summer I went back to Hong Kong to visit my pops and then a talent scout asked me to film a commercial. I brushed them off but they kept getting at me. I accepted the job and then JACKIE CHAN came to me and said he wanted to sign me... and who is going to say NO to JACKIE CHAN? Plus I was not doing jack shit anyways.

I was a lost soul. I swear becoming a entertainer has saved my life and made me more focused. I was so lost before, and if I didn't have the entertainment job I wouldn't have had money to start CLOT and now that all the money is internal we can do whatever the fuck we want and dun have to worry bout big company policy or board members breathing down our backs, we do what our heart tells us and that is how creative people should work!
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