What exactly was your 'start'? What is the one project, one product, one concept that you can point out which marks the beginning for CLOT?

The first starting point of CLOT was at one of my gigs. We had produced an event tee and also co-organized the event with a local radio station. We gave out the tee's and saw the reaction and sooner than later people were demanding the tee and saying the show we did was real fresh. We had B-boys dancing, graf artists painting whilst DJ Tommy was on the 1's and 2's. Mc Yan and I rocked the crowd and before u knew it we had fan sites up and then we opened up the first retail location JUICE in Hong Kong to please our followers.

CLOT owns JUICE and JUICE is like CLOT's left hand. We use this as a portal to deliver most of our ideas to the public. But the realization of the company actually formed around 5-6 years ago when I was still very young, me and my homies had decided when we finished school we would all form together and begin a company and do something to make money and take on the world together, this ended up being CLOT Inc...
CLOT Air Max

What was the inspiration for the shoe?

Chinese culture is the inspiration of the shoe
We wanted to make a strongly Chinese flavoured shoe no matter what the base of the shoe was.

Looking at your shoe, it appears more like a sculpture - with the packaging, etc.. Will people actually wear this model?

I wear them two different ways the respective way in which I wear it like a regular shoe or the CHINAMAN way and that is with the back stepped on and slipped in like a slipper with no socks.

Where does your shoe actually belong? Street or shelf?

STREET, man, cuz we are the streets...

If you found that one rare shoe, the one you have searched for forever, the one that everyone would literally hate you for having. To wear or not to wear?

WEAR KIDDIES , ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which shoe - for each of you - is it? Which is your holy grail?

EDC designed NIKE ID AF1's!

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