If there is one instant, one situation that you'd like to go back to change in your past what would that be and why?

If I could go back in my life I wouldn't change a god-damn thing. I am happy with the way my life's events have shaped me, my character and my values. Sometimes u got to go through tough pain to make the extra stride to maturity. So everything bad that has happened to me, and believe me I have been thru some fucked up shit, has actually made me stronger and I wouldn't take that away at all. Everything happens for a reason and the events in my life have led me to where I am now and I really can't complain...

Who are the key figures in your life, who helped you, inspired you to take the route in life that you took?

My family has inspired me the most in my life. I see so many good and bad things in them and I try to model my life around whut has happened to us. I believe my mother is the best woman in this world (and next would be my girl heheh) and she has guided me to be a righteous person, taught me my values, taught me how to REALLY treat a lady. And then there is my father who has guided me thru so many of my career problems and he himself working so hard all the time has driven me to work even harder than u could ever imagine. He gave me business sense and I translated whut he had taught me and made it the millennium version.

My two sisters have inspired me so much and have given me so much support I can't not mention it all here. They have been there for me when I was young and both my parents were away working, if I hadn't had them I wouldn't have been able to cope with much...
Fastforward to 2003 and I got to tell u that my CLOT family has made me inspired. Only as a team we could make it. I used to think I could do it all myself, but I was wrong and without the inspiration from my CLOT team I wouldn't have made it to today. Much luv to them!

And finally I got to confess, HF and the whole FRAGMENT team have inspired me in ways I can't even explain. To have someone like HF back me up is inspiring enough, and his wisdom and knowledge has put me in the upper echelons. At least in my mind he has enlightened me not only in fashion and design but how to live life humbly. And then Kazuki has taught me so much about actual design work I think my company would be nowhere without him, much luv to them, also!

How did you guys all meet up and what was/is your 'common denominator'?

CLOT Inc's members are first family, we are all a community and we all have known each other for awhile now, barring the store staff, everyone has been friends and in contact before so we flow and work very well together. It is funny cuz when I was younger I used to round up the troops and be like when we finish school we got to get back together and dominate the world, whilst I was fucking around they finished school and here we are and here we go again, kinda like dre, we keep coming but we come in certain periods of time, sometimes the whole company just falls back and we do nothing. We did this for awhile in 2006 until April. Then we bombarded the market with our first major push and we hopefully can keep the momentum as a unit and not as individuals. Something that has happened to many companies I have observed throughout my career, unity is key to all co-ops.
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