Past / Present / Future

What's up next for CLOT - and Juice?

New stores in China, more large scaled collabos with NIKE and LEVI's, more concerts and events, and our own apparel line coming out at the end of June. We have been making collabo's with almost every company impossible but here is our OWN line. We have a great small line-up coming out soon (which would be a great feature on, by the way with a review of the store hinthinthint) which promises to be exciting and new to the sub-culture heads. Mad limited print run and only few retail outlets offering CLOT apparel in the world.

If you could travel back in time - which period would you choose in regards to art/design/etc.? Which historical figure would you like to meet in person?

Ummmm I dunno. I dun like to go back in the past, I like looking to the present and looking out to the future. I believe I had met HF and he has inspired all of us at CLOT a lot and we ain't trynna ride his dick but the stuff he has taught us has been in-valuable to the growth of this start up company. I wouldn't trade that for any trip back in time!

What is on your to-do list for the next seven days?


What is your 'dream' project chose whichever field you like??

Do Lebron James shoe designs...



* CLOT Co. Ltd.
* Juice store (select shop)
* CLOT media division (music label, films, dvd’s)
* Hackers (Toy Company)
* Trust In Us Productions (production house, consulting, events, promotions, concerts)


* Honeyee > blogs > Edison Chen
* CLOT Inc. (under construction)

Interview & Production: Jörg Haas

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