parkwalk - stadium jacket

somehow, one could buy a new stadium jacket every year. if you had started with the classic stussy world tribe jacket back in the days, you would own quite a collection by now. this year, add to your collection (or simply to your wardrobe) this beauty by parkwalk. only very few of these will see the light of day and you need to pre-order them directly with parkwalk. do so by december 10th and receive your stadium jacket for '03.

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retail - gimme 5 / silas & maria sale

do you dream of wearing all those slick brands that our friends in japan are so fond of but you just don't have the cash? maybe this is your chance. invest in a plane ticket to london and attend the death derby held by gimme 5 / silas & maria. at this warehouse sale you'll find clothing by stussy, silas, hysteric glamour, gimme 5, rollin' stock, goodenough, supreme, and let it ride. from nov 26th until dec 1st at the brick house, old trumans brewery, 152 brick lane, london e1. enjoy.

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printed matter ii - ryan mcginness

these are still warm. from the opening reception of ryan mcginness' show 'products are the new art' at printed matter in new york we'll show you some pictures of the rooms and the art. on display is a wide range of ryan's work: t-shirts, prints, skateboards, banners, etc.. with this show, printed matter will have some exclusive rmg items for sale. check their website in the next couple of days for updates on new products. right now they have one deck available.

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sneakers - undefeated update ii

people in l.a. had three reasons to party over the weekend (at least those interested in sneakers and art). a) undefeated's grand opening party, b) the release of the much anticipated undefeated dunk 2, and c) the nike/undefeated billboard project ver.2.0 - this time by barry mcgee.

non-undefeated dunks | ec has the flyer
australia i - schwipe

here is what schwipe has to say about itself: it's "passing-out-on-the-couch-of-someone-you-just-met-when-you-are-gunna-score" wear...and/or "getting-hit-by-a-car-when-you-are-going-to-the-bottle-shop-at-2.00am-and-walking-away-from-it" clothing or even "being-searched-by-the-cops-for-weapons-when-all-you-are-doing-is-having-a-cigarette" gear. we don't have anything to add to this... visit schwipe's website for more such info and get their avalanches t-shirt club tee.

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australia ii - even more

as said, there has been a continuous flow of data from australia in the past few days/weeks. here is a short overview:. 1) perks and mini will open up a shop very soon - we'll give you more on this later on 2) 99degrees have their own line of ltd. decks by the graf artist des- koc 97a 3) lots of graf also on area101's brand new site - tons of things to play around w/ and 4) 'ourspot' - a slick new skateboard store in sydney just opened.

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info - misc.

here are a few bits and pieces of what else is going on: evilmonito just launched their newest issue (interview with michael leon, etc.), hideout will have a big sale soon (we'll give you date and location within a few hours), the new tokion just came out - also pre-order their ltd. edition 'sound clash' nike air bruin (modified with an air bubble? what is that for?) in the tokion shop, braveland has a nice hoodie for the cold season, stacks has re-stacked the popular tote-bag (last hit, though), and stussy sf issued a ltd. edition skateboard designed by david flores (only 100 pieces made) .

visit: e | t | b | s
sneakers - undefeated update

as we were just informed, the nike dunk pictured is acutally not the undefeated dunk but another ltd. edition - that can be named 'splatter paint' dunk. the undefeated will feature some extreme colors, as well. thanks ben for the info.

ben's site


sneakers i
- undefeated

did you spend those $350+ on a pair of supreme dunks? or did you wait in line maybe even 7 days a week to get a pair, only to be picked out of the line when waiting to get the other color? if you spent a fortune on them on ebay (it seems as if every pair sold ended up being auctioned off) you probably didn't invest in the right shoe, because a) you spent too much money on a shoe that b) is not that ltd. after all (listen to this: there are rumours that they will come out again in '03). ok, here is a real treat: undefeated in l.a. will also have an exclusive dunk low and this would be the right investment: a) $500 is the regular price and b) only 24 pairs made. is there a second color? - will it be 48 pairs then? you'll have to find out yourself. what we can show you is a picture of a sample - provided by (more below).

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sneakers ii - has them - the samples for the nike dunk exclusive to the undefeated store in l.a. and that's not all. check the site for regular updates on sneaker news and features - not only nike but the whole spectrum. also: watch out for their sneaker event coming up in december: 'soled out'. they'll have sneaker related art, give-aways, and previews of some of the new models and colors for '03. for more info and also - most important - for the other undefeated color sample follow our link below.

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printed matter - ryan mcginness

first of all, printed matter in this case doesn't necessarily mean 'magazines' or 'books'. not in the direct sense. it's an independent non-profit organization with the mission to foster appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists' books and other artists' publications. great words - what we're trying to say is that pm is an enormous resource with images, detailed information on the items, and that nice little shopping-cart icon. besides shopping you can also look at actual pieces at the pm hq. like ryan mcginness' installation 'products are the new art' opening friday, 11/22. bring money!

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retail - supply sydney

we've been receiving quite some input from australia lately - a lot going on down there. as promised in october, we would now like to show you the interior of the brand new store 'supply' in sydney. some of the labels on the shelves are exclusive to this store, in australia that is, of course. as you can see, supply is fully stocked (at least when the pictures were taken) and they even have some gems that you thought long gone - like that recon/kaws hat. watch this space for more updates on australia in the next few days...

go inside | more info: 10/15
nike design '02 - we love you

more kubrick. this time - we hate to do this - way out of your and our reach... nike had asked various artists to contribute their own interpretation of a 12'' kubrick figure. the results will be on display in la in the near future - more tba. in the meantime take a look at a few pages of the catalogue/book that includes... you guessed right, a ltd. kubrick toy. by the way: we love you, too! sorry, no ltd. bghd kubrick, though.

sorry about that
toys - milo kubrick series 1

you need to be extremely quick for this one. ningyoushi just released a bunch of the brand new baby milo kubrick. they have milo, footsoldier, chimpman, and - people will kill for this one - the bape camouflage milo. this could be your only chance of getting this 'baby' through a regular source. it's a hefty $100 but for you true fans out there probably still a steal.

any left here?
bghd anniversary - the winners

this is really hard, people, but that's how it works. we can only give out three prizes and it doesn't bring you any further waiting in line... we have the winners and we'll give you their stories which stand for all those stories that we received. they will sound just too familiar to many of you. hunting that one piece, being so close to getting it, then not getting it at the first time, but at that moment when you had almost stopped thinking about it. luck plays a major role in this game. so we wish all of you the best of luck on your future hunting sprees. and please, don't fool yourself going the quick and e(b)a(s)y way. for those of you who didn't win, hang in there, you'll get another chance!

congratulations to the winners. your prizes will be sent out this week.

here are the winners | see entries | see prizes
pam - the missing link

yeah, right, we're missing a link over here, too. now what is that? the camancho toy by supreme was only the warm up for pam's new 'missing link' toys - 'p'- mello yello, 'a'- dayglo! say yo!, and 'm' soul glo. what they are is unclear, what we do know is, that they will definetly kick baby milo's ass should they ever meet. and no help from the general this time!

god help us | bring them home
evan hecox - tokyo: visual travelogue

the title of this bit says it all: a perfect setup - evan hecox, one of our favorite artists, and tokyo, our favorite megalopolis. this upcoming show at the new image art gallery in hollywood brings us guache paintings, block prints and a ltd. screen print - all inspired by the japanese capital. take a look at the poster and ask yourself if you can afford to miss 'tokyo visual travelogue'. if you can't go, you might catch a glimpse of the show and the artwork on new image art's own website.

the poster | more info


rthq - kostas

rthq is the short term for 'rift trooper's headquarters'. in these headquarters, information is being filtered and decrypted out of broad data streams coming in from the eastern and western hemispheres. only the most relevant bits and pieces are then published on the rthq website which is also an archive of even more resources. from time to time, key figures in this global network are being questioned to reveal what has not already been revealed (what a poetic phrase...).

interview w/ kostas
book/event - yes yes y'all

thanks to our correspondent in nyc - gail - we can show you some exclusive snapshots of friday's opening reception of 'yes yes y'all' at deitch projects/williamsburg. this exhibition celebrates the release of the book by the same name. it's said to be the first and only account of hip-hop's origins, highlighted by hundreds of vintage photos and flyers. some names: grandmaster flash, dj herc, melle mel, busy bee, grand wizard theodore, etc. it's a documentation that will leave no questions unanswered. check our pictures, check the site, get the book, and learn this stuff!

our pics | their website
bghd - anniversary give-aways

you folks had a month to send us pictures and stories of your most valuable items. and sure enough many of you did so. we received lots of excellent entries: sneakers - new and vintage, toys - from bape to supreme, artwork - hecox, futura, mcfetridge; all in all very impressive collections out there. now it's our turn to sort out the winners and show you some of what we have received. we'll give you that by the end of the coming week..

once again: thanks for your support, and keep up informing about what's happening in your part of the world!

- beinghunted


nike - air force i wieden+kennedy tokyo

this post was too good to be left back there in october. so, we brought it over into november, for you to enjoy.

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