nike - air force i wieden+kennedy tokyo

just when you thought that october was a slow month here at beinghunted, we'll hit you right in the face - with this: the wieden+kennedy exclusive nike air force i. exclusive to the employees at the w+k tokyo office. designed by the master himself - hiroshi fujiwara - as our source tells us, there are only ~40 pairs made and only one pair is in the us - and that's mr wieden's personal pair. we only see one chance for you to get these af i's - send your resumé over to w+k and push for an emplyment within the next 24 hours. other than that - get yourself a pony and do the job yourself.

you wish
winter clothing - modern amusement

in general, modern amusement is a clothing label that deserves a little more of your attention. there were some adverts, there were some designs online at bond intl.'s website, but that was it, more or less. with this bit we would like to bring to your attention the fine tailoring that modern amusement has to offer for wall/winter 02-03. there are striped jumpers, cardigans, sweatshirts (yes, of course also with the crow-logo on them), jackets, padded skirts for the ladies, and so much more to keep you warm for the next 4-5 months. you might also look for some of the nicest hats around while you're at it. ok, remember, the name is modern amusement.

modern amusement M | modern amusement XL
holy grail sneakers - nike dunk supreme

we've been receiving a lot of email asking for the release date of the nike dunk supreme. to tell you the truth - there is none. the last we heard was 'end of october' - and that's next week. so it could be then or maybe not. fact is, they are at the warehouse and they can drop anytime. if you're in nyc - good for you. keep calling or going to supreme yourself. it just doesn't make sense waiting in front of the store every morning. and don't fall for those fakes on ebay.

you have more info? let us know
label to watch - minor industries

minor industries is the name, black is their color, and white. you don't necessarily need 16 colors on a shirt to make a statement. a clean, pure black sometimes is more than enough to make a t-shirt worth buying. of course, the design plays a major role in this too. you need to know about 'negative spaces' to make it work. the people at minor know all this and they are using black, white, and the negative spaces on their t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and flyers in a virtuous manner. it's all a bit aggressive, yes, you could say that. but it's not always about making people smile, and giggle, and scream at you how cute your t-shirt is. 'yes it is' you say? fine, they also have a sweet little donkey with pegs for legs.

minor designs | minor website
(bi)monthly - relax vs. lodown

now that temperatures are dropping in the northern hemisphere, people spend more time inside their homes. doing needlework and wood-carving, telling fairytales to the little ones - getting all set for the quiet season. to get through the long, cold nights, people tend to read a lot - read about nice places - far away. about nice things that they might want for christmas and they dream about all those wonderful things out there... and then they log onto the web, they go to ebay and spend all their savings. people, read those magazines, learn about what you need to wear, listen to and play with, and then be happy!

relax cover | lodown cover


bghd - give-aways reminder

this is a reminder for the bghd anniversary deadline. also: we noticed that you guys are a bit hesitant about taking pictures of yourselves - and have them published. ok, if you think you're not pretty enough for the web - you don't know what's out there... but listen to this: if you don't feel comfortable sending a pic of you - only send a pic of the item, ok? and rest assured, we won't disclose any address or other information. the winning items will be featured, the winners will get their prizes. good? good. if you need more time, we'll even give you that - deadline is extended until october 31st. cheers!

send your images & stories here
retail - span of sunset vs. supply

in the blue corner: span of sunset, hollywood/usa. in the red corner: supply, sydney/australia. span enters the ring armed with japanese toys, ltd. edition t-shirts, books and magazines. watch out for guest appearances by the big players in art/design (kostas just signed his hulk figures in the store). supply is just about to make it's entry into the arena - on nov. 1st - equipped with silas, one true saxon, natural born, milk fed, ssur, and its fellow australians - pam - among many others, of course. with some of these names, supply has the advantage of striking first on its continent. we wish both teams all the best in their battle to satisfy the masses!

span images & contact | supply flyer & contact
jb - sneaker updates

when we first published data on jason bass' sneaker project, the feedback was incredible. everyone seems to have been waiting for something like this to happen. the sneakers were featured on crooked tongues, they will be in lodown magazine, and god knows where else. so now, we're proud to give you an exclusive preview of the next set of colorways/models... take this info and pass it on and remember - this is one guy doing it all by himself. not only all of the design, but also the marketing. and in that field jb also has his own ideas...

preview new kicks | contact jb
fourxfour - separations

we had told you about the separations show in philadelphia some while ago. now it's time to head over to hollywood for the second show. with an extendet 'line-up' of over 50 artists, rest assured that there is a lot to look at. if you're the see-it-love-it-buy-it type here is one more reason to go - the decks are for sale. prices range between $50 and $3000 so there is something in it for everyone. as always, you have to be fast though. some of the big-name pieces have already gone. however, at the fourxfour online shop, there are tons of other things for those not too keen on skateboards.

preview decks | see all & shop
bghd - we're off...

... to the south for a week. we'll be back next week with news on: jb's country club classics, a new label from the us, and plenty more.

in the meantime - have a good one!

beinghunted - 1st anniversary!

beinghunted has been around for one year now! what an excellent reason to celebrate - celebrate with all of you out there who have supported bghd in those past 12 months. we received tons of emails from people all over the globe who seem to all share the same interests. we made new friends in almost every continent and even met a few of them in person. people emailed us searching for specific trainers or info on artists and fashion labels. we gave our best to help out, to make you happy. to make you even more happy, we are giving away a few things that we have featured in the past months. however, we're not giving them away just like that.... find out more below.

what you need to do... | to get this