2006: June.
Circleculture Gallery: Gerhard Stochl
Gerhard Stochl brings a selection of his skateboard photographs, taken over the period of 10 years to Berlin. Join the opening on June 29th!

Stüssy UK: Honda Zoomer by Ben Wilson
On Saturday, July 1st, 10 of these Zoomer bikes, customized by Ben Wilson, will go on sale at the London Stüssy store. There are ltd. jackets and skateboards, too!

Yuhzimi: Victorinox Pocket Knives
We all have several of thse - at least over here in Europe. Now, with the "Urban Survivor" series, we want even more.
Fafi, Maharishi, WK Interact...

Answer - Spring / Summer 2006
Thank you, Answer. People over the age of 16 also like wearing T-shirts. Thanks for not trying to dumb us down.

Plan B - Who Needs Actions When You Got...
... Words. We have previewed Plan B's upcoming album and we'll give you a short introduction to who is behind the name.

Proud 2bea Sticker
Took a while to put together - you'll see why when you look at the list of contributors...

SlamJam Verona
The third in the series of upscale retail outlets by Italian fashion masters SlamJam. They keep on exceeding themselves.

Katharina Grosse for Mekanism
Mekanism's latest artist project: German born artist Katharina Grosse spray-painted 100 decks.

2006: May.
V1 Gallery, Copenhagen is host to an artshow that people will be talking about for a long time. Two words: Arkitip and Contributors. See the flyer for a complete list.

Milkcrate / L. Pellat-Finet / Vans
Aaron sent us new pictures from his NYC HQ of these Vans they made with Lucien Pellat-Finet. Just a reminder to get ready when these drop.

2006: April.
Scion: The Whistle Test
Here are a few slides from Scion's exhibition "The Whistle Test". If you haven't seen it yet - it's your lucky day. The show was just extended until May 13th.

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Fabric Live #26 & #27
The Beinghunted Music review by our own Adey "Jazz Funk" Darby. For this episode he chose the mix CDs by The Herbaliser and DJ Format.

x-girl / xgLA
"A line for sophisticated, fashion-conscious women who used to love x-girl when they were teens."

Crooks & Castles
A preview of Crooks & Castles' new fall line. See the items in a studio environment and then - more 'real' in the streets of Los Angeles.

Nike Joga Bonito Bookzine 2
Here are a few preview shots from Nike's launch of the second Joga Bonito Bookzine in Milan - "From Street To Stadium". Watch out for the Joga Bonito Feature update.

Berlin, Spring / Summer 2006
All our features from 2003 to 2006 now easily accessible! Beinghunted Compendium - now live.

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Apishangel & Kangol Competition
Remember our feature on Nick Walker and his project for Kangol? We have just updated it with a competition to win Nick Walkers original artwork for the hats.