someday - new stock

before the year ends just this quick piece of info: if you missed getting the supreme elephant skin caps, here is your (last?) chance - someday have just received a shipment - amongst other goodies like the new kaws kubrick sets, and the be@rbrick series #5. contact somday to find out more. someday is located here: #20 chatham st., prahran/melbourne, australia.

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yes - we are still here

not a single post in 9 days. that's a sad story. sorry about that - we were just sucked into the christmas festivities - a lot of eating, sleeping, and watching bull on tv. we hope you all had great holidays and got enough money for all the new goodies waiting for us in 2003.

what has happened in between - the denim dunks dropped and gave us the last sneaker hype/craze this year - prices on ebay topped those of the supremes by far. if you get a pair - you might want to consider doing a splatter paint/bleach-job on them.

ok, unless you don't hear from us again before the 31st: a happy 2003 to all of you and a big thanks for your support in 2002. keep the infos flowing, let us know about you projects, and send us pictures & stories of what you're hunting or have been hunting!

not to let you go without a small piece of sneaker shopping info: if you can't wait until the nike vandals drop in your neighbourhood, stop by at freaksize and get them now.

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sneakers - és x invisible:man

this might be a bit early - but in our business you are never early enough. we just got informed of a new project by és shoes who have teamed up with new york's inivisble:man (closely connected to the recon family) to create a ltd. sneaker. this shoe will be produced in a run of 500. where to look for it in april/may? the regualars for ltd. sneakers: colette, crooked tongues, foot patrol, nort235, recon (of course), hectic, atmos, etc. you know where to look. we'll give you more on this next year.

sneak peek
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feature 04 - the winners

thanks to everyone who took part in our park walk/vaughn bodé quiz. the winners were picked yesterday. here they are:

first prize (t-shirt) goes to henry t.
second prize (uncut sheet of promotional cards) goes to alistair m.
third prize (park walk surprise package) goes to daan.

congratulations to the lucky winners. if you did not win, remember that you can still get one of those t-shirts directly through parkwalk.

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feature 04 - reminder

just a quick reminder - if you would like to win a parkwalk / vaughn bodé t-shirt or any of the other parkwalk goodies - you need to send in your answer until the 19th. what's the question again? name one writer out of the book 'subway art' whose work features bodé characters.

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art - london vs. brooklyn

this bit is for frequent flyers - or residents of the metropolitan areas of london and new york. bond international is exhibiting canvasses by robert draper aka 'ergo'. in the past you might have seen his work at the london design museum, in the future you will see his work in maharishi's forthcoming book 'dpm' and bond intl.'s designs for '03 (e.g.).
mccaig-welles gallery in brooklyn is currently showing works by 'nyc lase' who - as 'lase' - bombed nyc's streets and highways vigorously during the early '80s. any collaborations? yes: futura, dalek shepard fairy, etc. the exhibit is running until the 20th - so, you should hurry. otherwise contact mccaig-welles for more info.

ergo's canvasses & bond intl. | nyc lase's work & mccaig-welles
printed matter ii - die gestalten - coast to coast

obviously, you people out there know how to read. there is also proof that you are able to look at images and compute what you are seeing. why not combine the two - at least half the globe should have some spare time during the cold days, anyways. 'coast to coast' is a new book by 'die gestalten' and is best described as a documentary of modern (non commercial, non commissioned) graphic design in the us. the book is divided into five sections: deconstructive typography, urban art, the digital realm, rock style and the american retro. we are not sure whether you do need these, but find below a couple of sample pages. they tell you more than we can state here. by the way - don't only look at those sample pages, get the book, too. it's good.

sample pages: open | die gestalten


printed matter iii - relax vs. massappeal

so you bought 'coast to coast' and have some change left. then consider getting a few more things to read/look at. like these two - one of our favorite magazines from japan, relax, and one of our favorite magazines from the us, massappeal. relax has a big feature on 'freshness burger' - a japanese burger chain (i guess if you're not from japan you might ask yourself why this would be an interesting subject... trust the japanese, though, if it is in relax, there is a damn good reason for it) while massappeal takes a look at hand guns, features an article on the 20th anniversary of the nike af 1, and gives you the story of jack stewart, who "knows the history of graffiti because he was there".

cover relax | cover massappeal

events - past & present

even the richest kids out there can't make it to every art/sneaker/shop opening event that's taking place across the globe. some of the organizers/web publishers are so nice as to show those poor rich kids and those poor not-so-rich kids - everyone who couldn't/can't go - what they missed/are missing. the fine people at fatlace for example have fully covered 'soled out' - the sneaker show that took place last week-end in l.a.. you'll get a glimpse of the location and the tons and tons of sneakers on display. look out for new colors for '03, custom mades, splatters, and jb's ltd. model for true/s.f.. and for our travel kids (rich and not-so-rich) head to australia for sony/ericsson's street art event still running (until 15/12).

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printed matter - the real flux magazine

we are all very used to spending a lot of time doing a lot of research on finding a multitude of ways to spend our money. unlike other people who just walk into a store to get a simple pair of shoes, we email, we phone, we stand in line, just to hand over our cash for one ltd. pair of this or a ltd. set of that. now, the real flux magazine from canada is free! how cool is that. and it covers a lot of subjects you're used to from beinghunted - maharishi, futura, rmg, huga, music, books, etc. it even has a 'beinghunted' page in it... only thing is, you need to find it. contact flux or bghd for info on where to get this great magazine.

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toys - unkle kubrick

having one's own action figure was once every actor's - or maybe even musician's - dream. since everyone has one nowadays, dreaming isn't really appropriate anymore. looking at the toys, however, you will notice that the proportions have changed dramatically. the new collectables come in the size of lego but cost a tiny bit more than what your parents paid for (the actual lego) when you were little. nevertheless, people are mad about all those kubricks, be@rbricks and b@wbricks. by the way, zakka corp. in new york is taking pre-orders for the unkle kubrick figures that are expected to be shipped in march '03. letdown: they'll only ship to us households.

pics for the archive | zakka is here

feature 04 - park walk / vaughn bodé

vaughn bodé should be a familiar name to most of you. if not, you'll need to do some homework on comics and graffiti. park walk have just released three t-shirts which are a result of a collaboration with the bodé estate. in this rare opportunity, three of bodé's most beloved characters were reproduced in a ltd. edtion run of t-shirts. because the people at park walk are really happy about all this, they are giving away a few things. as always, you need to do a little something...

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art - in japan

japan - once again - should be your destination for december. we know it's hard, but you need to travel a lot to catch your favorite artists. from 12/20 until 01/08 the concept of the separations show (held earlier this year in philadelphia and l.a.) is brought over to rocket gallery/tokyo by taka kawauchi. this time with artists like ... sorry, list is too long. then, it's ryan mcginness again. this time with 'this dream is so life-like' at the gas gallery/tokyo (1-28-14 aobadai, megura-ku) from 12/18 until 01/21. gas - yes, those are the people who are responsible for the gas books, dvds, t-shirts, and the magazine 'atmosphere'. this is not all, though. we'll give you even more art dates throughout the month.

visit rocket | visit gas

ryan mcginness - gas book 09

between all the nike dunk undefeated/splatter paint our 'printed matter' post might have not received as much attention as it should have. so, in this context, we would like to point out ryan's book that (is not new but definetly worth being mentioned here) was available at the event in a special edition - screenprinted and signed inside. this book is truely a must-have. it has everything about his art, his hows, and his involvement with various companies such as houston, supreme, or gingham/2k. big problem - as always - if you have the book, you want more - you'll want the posters, you'll want the skateboards, and (this might be the easiest) you'll want the t-shirts.

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