toys - furillas

beware of these so-called 'furillas'. they disguise as cute little furry toys, however, they are not here for the fun only. they are invading our planet and nothing can stop them. there are various forms of them: they come in black, white, with one head, with two heads, and who knows what else. they have already taken portland... now they are headed for your hometown. the worst thing: people will pay to get them. remember - the money you pay is used by these creatures to finance their large scale invasion! run! now!

here they are | be careful here


interactive - tokyoplastic

tokyo plastic - what could that be? a new toy company with links to tokyo/japan, one of the centers for everything we deem 'must-have'? but the term 'interactive' doesn't fit into this scheme. some interactive piece of plastic? an aibo-sort-of-thing. maybe ltd. with some extra cool graphics by... stop guessing around - go to the site, turn up your soundsystem and enjoy.

some screens | this is tokyoplastic


art - duganstudio

duganstudio has a lot to do with monkeys. you can tell from the artwork featured on the site. finally someone is treating primates with a little more respect and a high degree of artistic finesse. these images of our close relatives have not yet 'ended up' on t-shirts, bags, pillows but remain on canvasses. so, no threat to the (b)ape-empire. just some very fresh new approach to deal with the same subject. before we forget: duganstudio also does hats - find them at union and knots in nyc.

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server - down...

first of all, we are very sorry for the technical problems we experienced yesterday. and that just after we were featured on design is kinky friday... thanks warren/andrew for letting people know about the situation over here!

check: dik


art - barnstormers' billboards

barnstormers are storming nyc: from february 6th/7th, mama (558 broadway, 2nd floor) will have life-size reproductions of a barn, a farm-house, and an eighteen-wheeler - installed on vinyl billboards. these are the foundation for the barnstormers to continuously do some of their barn-storming. whether you can buy the barn, the house, or the truck, we don't know. however, with the right amount of cash everything is possible in this world. you all know that. just save some money by not bidding on those denim dunks!

here is mama | here are barnstormers
various - info, retail, party, graphics

a few things to mention before the end of the week. evilmonito just released its newest issue (pt. 1). with evilmonito you're always wondering where to look first, the ads or the interviews? retail - probably the most important section of bghd: vacant will open it's first temporary store in nyc in february. we're telling you this now so that you can save your money to spend on a wide palette of ltd. goods. party - our friends at park walk are up to something on feb. 8th. enough time for you to pack your bags and get going. a quick tucker nichols update: the new crownfarmer features 8 pages of his illustrations. yes - the 'review 2002' will be finished before the end of the year...

evil: monito | go: vacant | park: walk | crown: farmer
graphics i - tucker nichols

sometimes the nicest things are the simplest and vice versa. simplicity very often conveys a message that is very direct and through that very strong. you might imagine that producing something very simple, yet meaningful, takes great care for one thing and... guts for another! yes, because either people 'get it' and love it - or they won't understand and...? we believe that you will a) get it b) love it and c) understand - what tucker nichols' work is about.

tucker's work | belive you me | contact you him


graphics ii - delta

did we have to wait a long time for more delta t-shirts? yes. a long time. so now we're happy to bring you a couple of brand new visuals by graf-artist/3-d wizard delta. there is a bit of comic-book style and a bit of his trademark architectural designs. so, no more waiting - make your choice and get those tees while they last.

delta's tees | span of sunset has them
nike - skateboarding

on the one hand we all appreciate nike's efforts to give out information on their products. on the other hand, however, there seems to be a slight discrepancy between the time nike gives the info and the release date of the products, don't you think? to make a long story short - nikeskateboarding is online. they show all those great dunks (and the other two not-so-important models) that came out a while ago and are now long gone (not counting ebay here). hopefully the new editions will be posted before they come out. and then there is this link 'get some'. where will that lead you?

what you get | when you go
toysneakers - nike fiberops m. lau

by now you should be pretty much familiar with the nike fiberops michael lau figure. to make this whole thing complete we need to talk about the shoe, as well. it's a wildwood acg with a great colorscheme and extremely cool packaging. there is one flaw though: not one of the 60 pairs will ever reach a store... they are for promotional use only. so, if you'd like to do some promotion for this project just contact... ok, that was a joke. check fatlace for details on this shoe. if you went there, tell us what '10 will go to japan' means. who is japan? why does he need 10 pairs?

complete the picture | data at ftlc | thnx: evilmonito
toys - kaws accomplice ii

kaws has a new toy out. sure, you say, i know. question was/is: where can i get it? do i have to go to the us, japan, australia, south america? no, you can stay at home, get a coffee, and do some convenient mail-ordering. kaws is selling the accomplice figure through his own website which is so: go, go, go, go, go!

see pics | get them here
art - yuzen history mix · modart.03

'yuzen' is is an ancient japanese dying technique which makes it possible for artists to adorn kimonos with ornate colourful and vivid patterns without causing the colours to run. 'yuzen history mix' is an exhibit (at mu in amsterdam) which intends to confront traditional japanese designs with modern desigs by a number of artists from 3 continents like rostarr, delta, and t. murakami.

'modart.03 munich' will see a variety of works from well known artists like e. templeton, l. mountain, a. howell, etc.. a few pieces from the 'keep a breast' project are also part of the exhibit. modart runs parallel to ispo - the international sports fair - from feb. 1st until feb. 4th. this means four days with an intense program of art and merchandise (the latter for wholesale only).

see: yuzen & modart | info: mu/yuzen & modart
toys - kaws accomplice

ok, this time we're not first in bringing this piece of info to you. but we feel we have to do it anyways, since it is extremely important that you know... that there will be a new kaws figure (a big one, not another of those tiny - yet cool - kubricks) - the kaws 'accomplice'. where can you get it? who had the info first? take a peek at the pic and check the links below for more on the accomplice.

see this first | learn more here | check here
nike - euro releases

will 2003 be the year that the world turns to europe for exclusive nikes? it might. last year ended with the nike dunk 'celtic', and this was only the beginning. next up we'll get the dunk high in the ny knicks colors and then... see for yourself. on the one hand it's good because it's one of the nicest colorways ever. on the other hand this re-release is another smack in the face that nike hands out to all those sneaker fanatics who spent a fortune, traveled, and emailed their butts off to get this one shoe in what they believed was an exclusive colorway. ok, nike left out some of the details, but still...

get the pictures


toys - various

hopefully the toy-headz among you have saved their christmas money to be ready for the next couple of days/weeks. you can start spending now as the various online boutiques have already received some of the long awaited figures: nike/fibreops crossover, crazychildren - the bear (paintjob by various artists and designers), and the lamdog star figure set all by michael lau. also: the kubrick kaws sets, the new be@rbricks, you know what we're talking about. by the way: people in london don't need to order online - just step outside and inside maharishi's store... expect some extra ltd. editions there!

some michael lau | shop at: kdrbt · fgro · ngusi
art - in japan

back in early december we told you about sk8 on the wall in tokyo. hopefully you remembered and went to their website in the meantime. if no - here is your reminder. go! they have/had all the decks up (for sale). the highlights are already gone, though (were probably sold on the first day...), but a lot of good ones are still available. names please? eric elms (adorn, supreme), kevin lyons (stussy), cody hudson (struggle inc.), mike mills, kaws, and so forth.

we picked some out | they have them all
chocolate - we missed...

the update of chocolate skateobard's website. of course there is no excuse for this, but you know how it is: you visit a certain website on a daily basis to see whether the 'products' section is finally updated. nothing changes. for days. for weeks. for months. you somehow lose interest in that site even though you dig their stuff a lot. this might be the case with chocolate and girl... ok, so here is one part of the new series 'modern living'. in order for you to have a reason to go to chocolate's website now is their 'abstract' series. but why don't they give us larger images of their boards?

we missed these | see chocolate


monthly - relax

a good start for relax this year! cover art by mike mills (photography by todd cole). you turn the page - a spread by james jarvis. you turn the page - another one by james jarvis. you turn the pages - two spreads by geoff mcfetridge. you turn the pages - two spreads by terry johnson. you turn these pages as well - two spreads by mark gonzales... by groovisions... by delta... by perks and mini... and by ryan mcginness. a definite collector's item - if only they were signed. pray that your copy won't be damaged in the mail.

just a few | relax online
retail - various

it's a little late for this post but we have a lot to go through here. first up: various goodies we found on our scouting tours through the web. 1) ftc has teamed up w/ eric haze to produce a ltd. edition deck (you might remember last year's doze design for ftc). at the moment it's available in japan - hope that the us will follow soon. 2) artomatic have just opened their full online store. one of the pieces we found was alife's poster pack (remember our nyc report in april '02). 3) gravis have just released a ltd. edition t-shirt by rostarr. alltogether great items to spend your christmas money on.

see: various | go to: 1 · 2 · 3


- colette

and then there is colette... we just had the biggest flashback while stopping by there. at the moment colette is selling a ltd. edition set of our childhood superstar comic characters - barbapapa. they might not be as cool as the current kubricks but there is this nostalgic side to it which should be considered. if you missed supreme's calender for '03 (shot by terry richardson, available in europe only at the hideout and colette) you could buy ryan mcginness' calender exclusive to colette. for each day there is one rmg icon. only question is: to rip or not to rip?

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2003 - happy new year!

so, here it is, 2003: to all of you a very prosperous year. all the best for everything you plan, and a lot of success to those of you who are going to start their own projects/businesses/studios/etc. 2002 was a great year - a lot of new ideas, a lot of new labels, a lot of extremely fine sneakers (even though the grey market did get out of control at one point or another), so hopefully this will continue in 2003. we are currently working on a small downloadable booklet that reviews the past 12 months. it should be ready in a bit - until then, we'll keep on serving you with the latest infos. cheers!

review preview