gear - supreme

last week saw the season re-opening of supreme. this meant long lines but not long faces. this new collection is a highlight with a variety of excellent pieces: nwa t-shirt, 'exploited' punk t-shirt, graphics on t-shirts and hats by ramm:ell:zee, great new patterns on caps, one of the best back-packs, and - listen to this - the return of the box logo tee. we wish you all the best in hunting down these pieces, but please remember this: go for the re-tail not the re-sale!

here it is


kicks - fatlace

fatlace keep us glued to the screen with their pics of the upcoming nikes. they just updated with the soled out/laced up highlights. and yes, this is a case of emergency, you need to pull the oxygen mask to your face and then breathe heavyily... but don't hyperventilate: geoff mcfetridge dunk, new splatter dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk. the shoe is close to dying out there. but at least it's a beautiful death.

thanks to fatlace
art - clash of the titans

we had a post on nyc lase a little while ago. now he's back with 'clash of the titans'. he's bringing big names to mccaig-welles gallery in brooklyn, starting april 4th and running until april 28th. who the big names are tells you the flyer. it also shows you who else is involved and gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect - and remember, these names hardly ever disappoint! stay tuned for even more on nyc lase...

the flyer | more info


events - soled out & laced up in sf

we're not known for blowing second-hand smoke into people's faces but with this we need to make an exception. friday and saturday are booked, for you, period. friday starts with soled out - the event which had brought sneaker heads and headrettes to l.a. last fall. on display at the sneaker bar were brand new models and colors like the splatters, jb x true sf, etc. who can guess what they'll have this time? after that it's laced up on saturday organized by the fine people at fatlace and blufizz. they give away goodies from staple, recon, jb, fixins, savier, and asics. book your flights now.

what have we here? | what have they here? | and here?
toys - stussy baby ragamuffin

we just came back from toy-hunting and found this: the clear baby raggamuffin. you all have seen the regulars maybe and heard of the clear version. it's limited to 50 pieces worldwide. designed and produced by 360 toygroup. but - again - this might not be new to you toyheads out there. maybe this is: ningyoushi has them... 3...2...1...go!

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exhibition - michael lau at maharishi

michael lau exhibition 3 gardener crazysmiles. that's the title and there isn't really much to say about this, other than: it's the first time that you will see this in europe. and there is no way you can miss it. in 2001 lau added james lavelle and futura to the 99 gardeners. in 2002 he did another figure - hardy blechman. the figure represents hardy in a headstand posture wearing 1:6 scale bonsai forest camouflage gear. people who go might be able to pick up one of the posters or ltd. figures. the date: march 28th until april 26th.

see the figure | visit gardenergala | visit maharishi


garments - seven nine

on a regular basis, it seems, australia is bringing us new companies that produce fresh graphics on garments. we just heard about seven nine and thought - 'ok, another one, let's see'. and what we saw was... excellent? is that the right word? yes, but we're looking for something bigger here. a term which could describe the following: great website to begin with, audio - a+, visuals in general - way-above-average, t-shirts - yes please!. youknowwhatwemean?

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project - 60 seconds

we'll write this bit in 60 seconds... it's about a project that incorporates music and visuals and there are tons of people involved. you can be part of it as well. check the site, check the sounds and graphics and see if you can come up with something similar/better/etc.. go there within the next 60 seconds!

stay for more than 60s
skateboards - hessenmob

here they are, the new decks by the german skateboard manufacturer hessenmob. this time, in an endless effort, they were able to score designs by these well-known visual conceptionists: kid acne, dave kinsey, and nago richardis. the latter could be one of our all-time favourites in skateboard graphics for '03, even though the year is not even 3 months old! the mob is there for you, always!

the decks | the mob


project - hessenmob patches

even more from hessenmob... the mobernists are currently preparing their new garments for fall/winter '03 and they are giving artists/designers a chance to participate. what they are looking for are 3 designs (per artist) for patches that will appear on ltd. edition jackets (patches will vary on every jacket). there are 4 different formats to chose from - only one of the 3 can be a free shape. when designing, keep these 2 themes in mind (3rd design is free): one patch = 'mob steady', one patch = 'love skateboarding. hate skateboarding'. if you have questions, or ideas, or anything to say, contact hessenmob now or later.

the formats | contact hm
interactive - lv + takashi murakami

you might say that the whole 'monogram period' is long over. but this spring you should take notice of a new approach to it. louis vuitton has just released a set of bags and accessories which feature variations of the original pattern designed by takashi - the guy with the eyes - murakami. parallel to the launch of this range lv has set up a neat flash site with lots of 'super-cutie' graphics, an interview with murakami, a short biography with pics of some of his work, and - sure enough - the products. no monograms, no lv, no murakami for you? it's an investment. reconsider!

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exhibit a - outside in

prahran, melbourne is the place where our first exhibition takes place. 'outside in' is 'a display of illicit markings - inside and out'. that's what they tell us. but from the artwork you can see for yourself that the title matches 150%. take schwipe for example - their altar is definitley ill(icit). but you can also see it this way - they needed to build this in order to be able to design their new ltd. edition 'great satan' tee. besides schwipe you'll also get to see work by the burn crew, ok 101 army, and wooden foundations. did we mention that adidas had something to do with it, as well? now we did.

the title matches | schwipe told us


exhibit b - zedz at shutzmarket

shutzmarket is a store in antwerp which carries bghd relevant merchandise - we'll tell you more about that later on. schutzmarket also supports art. art that will probably go with your taste (from what we know about you - our readers). from friday 21st, schutzmarket will have work by zedz on display, who describes his work with these terms: 'graffiti architecture', 'transformer-typography', or 'mobile-type-suits'. go to shutzmarket on zakstraat 2 on that date and send us your terms for zedz's art.

the flyer | shutzmarket online

sneakers - sole technologies

the first skateboard shoes that you probably noticed in the 90s - and hopefully also bought - were the sal barbiers in baby blue that had a '23' at the heel. with this shoe a new era of skateshoes began - similar to the first airwalk prototypes in the late 80s. since that time we've seen so much mesh, plastic, bubbles, kevlar, the most complicated lacing systems, and colorschemes that would make pantone proud - but nothing that would shift our attention away from nike, puma, and adias. this post is about two shoes that should make you consider widening your horizon - again. the first is 'cicero' by és. it takes its inspiration from classics like the stan smith or clyde but with a more exquisite approach to materials (ostrich) and colors. the 'lodown' - you might have guessed - is a collaboration between etnies and lodown boss marok. two colorschemes make two great pieces of footwear, including exclusive lodown footbed.

on stone | on wood

garments i - one true saxon, oak standard

we all have been waiting for the new one true saxon gear. it's finally shipping to the stores (japan, of course, already has it) - and we'll give you a short overview of what to expect. by the way, they also started a new line called 'oak standard'. three words to describe it: english heritage chic. no matter what that means - the range looks slick... what did you expect? our favourtie items from one true saxon: varsity jacket, camouflage jackets, and - the japanese will love 'em - back packs. why do they keep coming up with even-better-than-last-season's logos & icons? other companies at least need to get a chance to catch up...

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printed matter - relax #74

sorry folks but this month's relax seems to be japanese-only. the main article is on... something people/kids outside japan will definitely neither know, understand, nor have the slightest idea of what they're talking about. this, however, would make it even more interesting to read. if you're going to buy it - skip 10-20 pages and you'll find some other great stuff, too. a sneak peek at the adidas x alife attitudes, a james jarvis double page spread, and excellent photography, good looking japanese girls, t-shirts, etc..

sample pages


garments ii - penguin

our readers from the us might already know about this, but the rest of the world also deserves to get the information. back in the fifties a company called munsingwear introduced a line of sportswear called 'penguin'. this year, penguin is back - with an ironic advertising campaing and some of the nicest polo-/dress-/short-sleeve shirts out there. if you can't get enough of the penguin, there are jackets, hats, ties, and so forth, to compelte your penguin wardrobe. the best item in the whole range - the peng king sneaker. finally, a fresh sneaker that could definitely rival the [...] - insert name of over-hyped-straight-to-ebay-sneaker here.

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bghd website - server maintenance

due to technical maintenance our server will be unavailable for a short period. this will take place sometime between friday and sunday this week. so, if you can't reach us - don't worry, we're still there.


skateboards - cherry

girls can skate, too! no doubt about that. and if there were any doubts about female skaters being able to produce excellent skateboards, cherry proves that there shouldn't be. not only are these girls successful skaters, but they are also releasing some extremely fresh graphics on decks and garments. please don't think of lollipop-teddybear-barbie-cliché imagery now. cherry fuses traditional japanese art with a modern approach to graphic design. the output is worth being added to your collection of girl (!), chocolate, supreme, heroin, subliminal, or zoo york decks. females who can't skate: please wear cherry skateboard's t-shirts, since otherwise there might be no other way to enjoy the designs outside skateparks or skatespots which non-skating-folk hardly ever enter.

the decks | the site


printed matter - flux

by now we shouldn't have to introduce flux magazine (from canada) to you people. ever since they were first to give out the info on the new kaws figures you should at least have their website bookmarked. besides that you also need to get the printed version of flux before they are gone. this time you'll find in it (or on it): two seperate covers - one by stash, the other by rostarr, an interview with invisible:man, the 'favourite tees' spread, a lot of mhi/m. lau, the sam flores interview, a d. cheuk vs. design is kinky bit, huf's kicks page, ... we have to stop here it's just too much...

sample pages
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graphics - bufalo club

last month we gave you the techheadz - the turntable inspired figures produced for breakbeat science. this month we'd like to shift your attention to the man behind those toys. the name is quinlando, the game is 'bufalo club'. quinlando has just finished another ltd. item - a cushion with one of his characteristic illustrations - 'maskot'. there's 250 of them made - to get them visit sweatyfrog. what else ist to be expected from bufalo club? a lot - that's all the info we're giving out now. he might tell you more on his site, soon.

a few pics | bufalo club | sweaty frog


sneakers - milk: kicks²

sometimes you're asking yourself 'where do all those ltd. edition sneakers end up?'. have you ever seen anyone wear an undefeated dunk, a stussy huarache, or a chanel pump fury? we haven't. but what happens to all these great shoes then? most people probably keep them hidden, at their homes, deadstock in the boxes. they will only take them out to look, to hold them in their hands, to admire the genious behind this certain model and colorscheme. some people are so kind as to show their precious gems in (more or less) public spaces. milk magazine from hong kong organized such an event last weekend. to keep the shoes from getting dirty (and knicked?) they were kept in plastic boxes/cubes. michael ip took pictures which he is sharing with us. that's only half as good as having been there - but still... thanks michael!

a new format | at nt he is 852nikefreak

beinghunted - 2nd t-shirt

finally, after many discussions, many drafts, many phone-calls, and searching for and finding the right printer, we're proud to announce the release of the first (official) beinghunted t-shirt. this colorscheme/design is limited to an edition of only 100 and will be available exclusively through the vacant store on its world-tour. the first 25 will be sold in nyc, the rest in the following months. we're sorry that we couldn't provide you with photographs, but this info is so fresh - the ink on the shirts is still wet. if in nyc, head over to vacant to see the actual shirts. for the rest of you - please be patient until vacant makes a stop in your city.

we're currently working on releasing the 2nd design which will be more widely available. if you'd like to receive info on upcoming bghd merchandise, please let us know. if there is anything you'd like to see or if you'd like to comment on this shirt - also drop us a note. why is it the 2nd tee? the first design was released for christmas '02 - only 20 were given out to friends and family.

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